Global Sourcing

Sourcing Specialists

The Global Sourcing team at CMB Contracts excel in their field and consist of experienced buyers and supply chain professionals. Our sourcing specialists have expert knowledge in the Engineering, Aerospace and Construction industries and aid our clients in finding new sources of supply for their business, helping them to lower costs and improve lead times and quality. Upon receipt of our clients initial designs or samples, CMB will provide end to end management from manufacture through to delivery.

Import and Export Agents

As CMB Contracts are based in Northern Ireland we are in the unique position of being able to offer our international clients access to potential buyers in both the UK and Ireland. Our network consists of a wide array of suppliers, distributors, stockists, wholesalers and retailers, all eager to expand their product range. We can offer our clients the opportunity to connect with our associates in the UK and Ireland and we specifically source and select those buyers which would be most beneficial for your products.

We also have a growing portfolio of buyers in many other countries across the globe, so if there are any specific areas that your company would like to conduct business, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you a manufacturer that is based in the UK or Ireland? If so, and your aim is to grow sales by exporting overseas but don’t know how or have the resources which will allow you to do so, then CMB Contracts will be able to assist. By appointing us as your overseas agent, we will find customers for your products on your behalf. We support our clients by introducing them to those customers that have expressed interest and aid them in creating and maintaining positive working relationships.